Ukulele With Luv began as a ukulele class in 2018. Founder and ukulele teacher Luv Mahtani has been actively building a ukulele community in and around Pune, India through regular classes, workshops, events and online media.

As of  2021, Luv is a certified Ukulele Teacher by the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (Canada).

Ukulele With Luv has now grown into a collaborative effort by various musicians, visual artists, photographers, videographers and audio professionals; creating work specific to the ukulele.


10-Week Online Beginner / Intermediate Courses

A new batch starts every month!



"Apart from teaching the instrument, Luv also taught us a lot about music theory. I would recommend him to any one who has always wanted to learn the ukulele but never got around to it. It's never too late!"

- Twisha, Former Student

"I went from learning my first song to giving my first performance in front of a crowd in less than two months! That’s Luv for you, always pushing you to do better while also creating an environment for you to grow!"

- Anuradha, Former Student

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A Ukulele Community Meet-Up


Started in 2018, Strum Away has been a space for ukulele players, students and enthusiasts to come together to perform with, learn about and celebrate the instrument! Since 2020, Strum Away has transformed into a virtual Home Edition! Watch a compilation of video performances from our community across the world!



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